Dr Simon Beard our candidate for Dartford in the General Election


We are pleased to announce our candidate for the 2017 General Election is Dr Simon Beard.  

Simon, is excited about the opportunity to serve Dartford in Westminster and is committed to giving the residents of Dartford real change in the direction of the town. 

Simon believes now is not the time for business as usual, now is the time for change

Simon lives in North Kent with his wife and two children but commutes to University of Cambridge 3 days a week  where he is a Research Associate at Cambridge University. Simon's work involves the evaluation of risks and other ethical problems that have the potential to impact on the survival of humanity. In the past Simon has been an Educational Development Advisor and a tutor and is an accomplished author and public speaker.  

He has lived in north-Kent since he was 11, and has seen huge decline in Dartford over the last 20 years.  Simon has served as a school governor and has seen a real decline in funding that schools now receive from the Government.  

Simon believes that one of the key issues facing Dartford is air pollution. Dartford has a real problem with air pollution, it is a real issue. It kills people and it is really damaging the health of residents in the town. 

Simon suggests that public transport is an area that needs further development to reduce the amount of traffic using the roads of Dartford.

With regard to national issues, despite Dartford voting to leave in the referendum, Simon understand that Dartford voted to leave the European Union, and he respects that decision.  However, he does not think that the the form of Brexit the Prime Minister is delivering is good for the town or is residents which is why he will campaign for the people of Dartford to have a say in the final deal.