Education Funding

Crisis in Education Funding in Dartford & Gravesham Schools

At the last election the Conservatives decided to no longer increase school funding in line with inflation or rising costs.  As a result every single school in the country is now worse off than it was at the end of the coalition government.  

Across Dartford & Gravesham our schools are having to make millions of pounds of cuts in order to offset the funding situation that now exists.  This means cuts to resources, trips, support staff and ultimately teachers. 

We have some of the best schools in Dartford with a number having achieved "Outstanding" status but how long with these standards be maintained when headteachers are being asked to cut the very things that have made them successful. 


Did you know?

 The Liberal Democrats have delivered on Education, and we will again.  In the past we have:

  • Given 15 hours free early education to all 3-4 year-olds and 40% of 2 year-olds. We are also giving free school meals to all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.


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